Important message about your account!

Dear customer:
Suite #: client.suite
Tracking Number: Guia.Number

We have just received a shipment that requires additional documents (doc name).

Now with the new SMART TRACKING tool, everything is faster and it is just in your hands.

Visit My SkyBOX / My Shipments and Smart Tracking; you will see that this shipment has the link go to pending documents, click on that page and you will see the documents the system requires for your shipment to be processed. To conclude this process, please, do the following:
  • In the option File to Upload, click on Open; search and add the requested pending document; specify the image location and the file name; and click on Upload File. Once you are finished, your shipment status will automatically change from pending documents to shipment to process.
This information will allow us to process your shipments in a faster, more accurate way.

Customer Service Department